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Successful Trading Is Easy...
When You've Got the Double Diamond Team Behind You!

The Double Diamond Trading Team -- a group of pro traders with more than 35 years of professional money management experience -- heads up this new service OFFERED EXCLUSIVELY through The Double Diamond Trading Service.

Make no mistake about it; this is a Pro-Level service. But since the Double Diamond team knows that K.I.S.S (keep it super simple) can be the key to success in the trading game, even BEGINNER TRADERS can enjoy this service!

As a member of the service, you'll see real-world professional investing strategies play out in front of you -- in real time.

Every morning, the Double Diamond Trading team tells you what they are doing for the day. Members start each day knowing what is driving the market, how much exposure to stock market indices the team has, what sectors the team is invested in, and which stocks the team plans to trade!

Best of all, this is an EASY SERVICE to follow!

If you want to make BIG money in the markets, you need to know:
(1) How much RISK to take each day
(2) Where the LEADERS are
(3) Which STOCKS to trade
(4) And, of course... WHEN to buy and sell!

The Double Diamond Trading Service can help members with ALL of the above. Via our Live Trading Portfolio, members will see every move the team makes in real time. That's right, you can watch an experienced, professional money management team navigating the craziness of the markets (and help you make sense of it all) -- in real time!


Double Diamond Trading's chief strategist has been "live" on the firing line managing money since the mid-1980's. This means his team has seen good markets, bad markets and everything in between.

The team's approach focuses first and foremost on profits! However, as the saying goes, sometimes the best offense is a great defense! Knowing when to take risk off the table helped navigate the brutal bear markets of 1987, 1990, 1998, 2000, 2008, 2011, and most recently during the mini bear that occurred between August 2015 and February 11, 2016.

But knowing how to "make hay when the sun shines" also helps. In addition to managing real money for real people, for nearly 30 years, the team has an exceptional record of stock picks. At last count, more than 85% of the closed stock trades on the team's main trade table were winners!

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The Double Diamond Trading Portfolio

Our easy-to-follow Double Diamond Trading Service Portfolio is a modern, pro-level, multi-strategy, multi-manager approach that includes three parts:

  • The CORE
  • The TRADES

We start with THE CORE holding - a risk-managed, ETF position designed to provide the appropriate level of exposure to the U.S. stock market given the current risk/reward environment. The goal of the CORE is to stay in tune with the market's really big, really important moves. And then when the bears come to call, the CORE is designed to take defensive measures by moving into capital preservation mode.

Next, we allocate a portion of the portfolio to THE LEADERS. This section of the portfolio focuses on the top sectors of the market. Because in short, when technology, or biotech, or the banks etc., start to heat up, we want to make sure we have an overweight exposure to those BIG moves.

And finally, there are THE TRADES. This portion of the portfolio goes wherever profit opportunities can be found. These stock trades are designed to be short-term trading positions and the primary goal is simple: to create winning trades!

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Here's What You Get

Each day, members receive the following straight to their email inbox:

  • Critical Market Intelligence to start the day
  • Current Portfolio Holdings (Easy to follow CORE, LEADERS, and TRADING positions)
  • Trading strategy for the day

To be sure, the LIVE, REAL-TIME TRADE ALERTS are really the star of the show. Whenever we are ready to pull the trigger on a trade, members receive trade alerts in their email inbox. And rest assured that the Trade Alerts are sent to you BEFORE WE MAKE A MOVE.

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